8D and Root Cause Analysis Workshop Content

Programme overview

  • Course objectives

  • Introduction to continuous improvement

  • Overview the linkage of 8D reactive techniques and the DMAIC methodology

Understanding your Customers

  • How CT trees can organise your understanding of customer needs

Quantifying improvement opportunity

  • Understand how to measure the cost of poor quality and how this affects your customers and your organisation

Responding to quality concerns

  • Understand the 8D process and how to complete 8D corrective action reports

    • Forming appropriate response teams
    • Defining and quantifying the problem
    • Containing the escape of poor quality
    • Determining and validating root cause
    • Managing and implementing permanent corrective actions
    • Developing long term process controls

Determining root cause factors and effects

  • How to complete effective 5-Why root cause analysis

  • Identifying the process and process inputs

  • How to conduct effective cause & effect analysis

  • How to use simple risk assessment matrices to focus and prioritise improvement activity

Controlling improvements and processes

  • Introduction to basic control methods
    • Effective work instructions, and the importance of establishing compliance to best practise
    • Error proofing methods