In an increasingly complex and competitive arena, logistics companies face challenges from climate change legislation, rising fuel prices and moves to regional sourcing, as well as opportunities arising from increased on-line selling and emerging markets.

Paloma Consulting provides business improvement consultancy and training services to help logistics companies keep ahead of the competition - by standardising processes, integrating technological advances, and reducing cost and transport emissions.

Paloma's Lean Six Sigma consultants have worked with clients providing a diverse range of logistics services - from custodial support services and retail home delivery  to premium product logistics, and express and parcel services.

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Paloma's consultants were always able to adjust quickly to our specific needs. We received great training to help us achieve the intended process benefits from our improvement projects.

Phil Marles
Continuous Improvement Manager
Barloworld Handling

In the sector our Lean Six Sigma consultants have helped clients complete 39 improvement projects with an average return on investment of 13 times.

Using both Six Sigma and Lean methods, outcomes have ranged from supply chain improvements and delivery time reduction, to factory and warehouse redesign.

Outcomes of individual projects include

  • Increased on time delivery
  • Reduced warehouse packaging rework
  • Trailer fill optimisation
  • Reducing goods lost in transit
  • Reduce packing hall payroll cost per item
  • Reduce delivery non-conformance
  • Improve complaint handling