8D and Root Cause Analysis Workshop

How will this workshop help you?

This workshop will provide candidates with a good understanding of recognised, simple techniques that will enable them to confidently engage in reporting and resolving quality concerns. The 8D process is a frequently used method of dealing with all forms of quality concerns which can be incorporated into your existing formal quality systems such as ISO9001. It can be used equally well to address both internal concerns to the organisation as well as resolving customer facing issues in a professional way that will enable them to maintain confidence in the quality of what you provide to them.

Course outline

This is a 1 day workshop, suitable for people working in administrative as well as operational processes. It is especially relevant to people who are actively engaged in the resolution of quality concerns.

The course delivers theoretical content with relevant exercises which will demonstrate practical and effective tool use. Our tutors are highly experienced in the field of continuous improvement deployment across a diverse range of industry sectors. They will draw on this experience throughout the workshop to bring clarity and relevance to the candidates training experience.

Who should attend?

This workshop requires no previous knowledge of continuous improvement techniques and is ideal for:

  • Anyone who is responsible for demonstrating best practice control of processes and product/service quality.

  • Anyone who is responsible for reporting corrective action to customers

  • Anyone who is planning to contribute to effective continuous improvement programmes, or who wishes to conduct small improvement projects

  • Anyone with a desire to learn how to implement quality and process improvement

Course content

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On completion of the course trainees will be able to:

  • Use simple, practical and logical methods to identify, implement and report process improvement and ongoing process control

  • Provide your customers with renewed confidence in your ongoing delivery of product/service quality

  • Distinguish between reactive problem solving methods and preventative problem solving methods, and be able to understand when to apply the most appropriate techniques

Course duration:

1 day


Candidates will receive Paloma Consulting recognition of course completion

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