Retail and Media

The retail sector has been badly shaken. Alongside the failure of established retail brands, others are emerging as leaner, more competitive and focused organisations often taking advantage of new business models and routes to market.


Move to new premises for national newspaper.

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Paloma Consulting provides business improvement consultancy and training services to help retail companies adapt to the major shifts in industry structure and consumer buying behaviour. Paloma's Lean Six Sigma consultants use our proven process improvement methods to help clients increase customer satisfaction, enhance revenue, cut costs and seize new opportunities.

Work in this sector by our Lean Six Sigma consultants includes 134 projects with an average return on investment of 27 times - spanning media, catalogue and internet retailers, contact centres, distribution, and a wide range of businesses supporting the retail sector.

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Within a few weeks, relatively junior employees had been transformed into expert business improvement professionals capable of delivering project summaries to shareholders.

Ian Golding
Head of Customer Experience Improvement
Shop Direct Group

Our experience covers diagnosing, planning and implementing long-term business improvement programmes; customised knowledge transfer to the work force; and major business reorganisation.

Outcomes of individual projects include

  • Improved response rate for direct email campaigns
  • Reduced web visitor attrition rates
  • Reduced selling price errors
  • Reduced call centre complaints
  • Reduced picking and packing errors
  • Reduced goods lost in transit
  • Reduced product returns
  • Reduced supplier defects
  • Improved customer ordering process
  • Improved product delivery process