Consumer Products

Depressed consumer spending, coupled with rising input costs and intense pricing pressures from retailers are leaving consumer product manufacturers with little choice but to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of their production systems.

Paloma Consulting provides business improvement consultancy and training services to help consumer product manufacturers rise to the challenges they face.

Our experience spans producers of household, health and bakery products, beverage packaging, tissue and premium wine and spirits logistics. In total, our Lean Six Sigma consultants have completed 38 projects with an average ROI of 29 times.

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For many years Paloma have provided high quality training and support for the completion of important Six Sigma projects. All consultants were outstandingly skilful, well prepared and astute.

Nicola Comelato
European Six Sigma Manager
Reckitt Benckiser

Paloma's Lean Six Sigma consultants use proven improvement methods to help clients increase customer satisfaction, cut costs and enhance revenues. Our work ranges from guidance, strategic insight, facilitation, training and implementation of various improvement methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma in 5 countries.


Outcomes of individual projects

  • Reduced packaging rejects
  • Improved efficiency, layout, productivity and cleanliness
  • Reduced bakery changeover times
  • Reduced toilet roll defects
  • Reduced late deliveries of wine and perfumes to retailers
  • Reduced defects in detergent bottles