A metropolitan borough council requested help to provide its project leaders with enhanced operational excellence skills

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The council

We worked with this metropolitan borough council, which is a unitary authority, serving as the sole executive, deliberative, and legislative body responsible for local policy, setting council tax, and allocating budget in the district. Despite being situated in one of the most deprived areas of the United Kingdom it has invested and worked with many partners to ensure the regeneration of the borough attracting many new SME businesses whilst also focusing on reduction of domestic violence.

Their needs

The client requirement was to provide its project leaders with enhanced operational excellence skills.

How we helped

We delivered a training programme to develop key staff to Green Belt level of Lean Six Sigma competence, who did not have previous experience of advanced improvement techniques. Regular follow up support was provided both on site and remotely following Paloma’s standard procedures and documented processes leading to certification of completed projects.

One of the projects, reducing the % of library memberships processed face to face, later became a benchmark for other councils. Other projects included issues such as management of street furniture.


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