A utility company serving six English counties wanted to maximise use of personnel resources

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The company

We worked with a public limited water company providing mains water and sewerage services in six English counties.

Their needs

The company had numerous impounding and water service reservoirs, water treatment works, water pumping stations, sewage treatment works and sewage pumping stations and many thousands of kilometres of water mains and sewers.

The client requirement was to understand and prioritise its combined works management processes so that resources could be better deployed  in areas such as receipt of customer contact, work scheduling, planning and job completion reporting, service engineering, vehicle management and plant and equipment maintenance.

How we helped

We tailored training performance improvement materials for both Lean Sigma Green and Black Belt complexity levels to suit the operational environment of the Client. Training was delivered on site in numerous sessions to a large number of green belt candidates selected from throughout the regions. Black belts were later chosen from the ranks of successful green belts to deal with more complex projects and to provide internal mentoring. Regular external follow up support, coaching and mentoring was provided by our consultants, both on site and remotely, to management and performance improvement team leaders, leading to formal certification of successful project leaders and eventual self-sufficiency.  


Numerous projects were completed promptly, providing a significant return on investment including, in operational areas:

Reduced missing or incorrect data on completed job sheets
• Reduce Downtime at a Sludge Treatment Centre
• Reduce % of sludge treatment dry solids outside specification
• Reduced downtime caused by unplanned heat exchanger boil-outs
• Reduced the number of unnecessary out of hours call outs
• Reduced thermal oxidiser failures
• Improved quality & timeliness of distribution technician diagnostic information

And in transactional areas:

• Improved work scheduling which reduced use of contractors to meet customer deman
• Reduced % of contact centre calls not dealt with satisfactorily at first call
• Reduced % of abortive contacts passed on to sub-contract maintenance engineers

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