A leading UAE property developer sought assistance in increasing staff abilities and performance

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The business

With a total market value exceeding US$41 billion this organisation owns in excess of 33,000 residential units and additionally owns over 1.8 million square feet of prime commercial property in the Dubai area alone.

Their needs

This organisation wants to develop many of their key managerial and technical staff to be able to use effective analytical tools to enhance their need to continually improve their processes and services

How we helped

We have delivered Lean Sigma training and project support to key operational managers and engineering staff from process, logistics and equipment maintenance. Our training has enabled these staff to deploy effective improvements in their processes, delivering important and highly impactful improvements to their organisation.

Benefits achieved

Projects completed included

  • Improve the effectiveness of project management training
  • Improve reliability of domestic water supply
  • Reduce effects of AC faults by improving harmonic filter systems
  • Reduce incidence and effects of false fire alarms
  • Optimise alarm prioritisation system and reduce unnecessary alarm responses

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