One of the world's largest ICT service providers wished to develop its own internal improvement programme

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The business

We worked with one of the world's largest ICT service providers at locations in the UK and Europe.

Their needs

The client wished to develop its own internal improvement capability to resolve deep-rooted issues with its ICT processes and as a result be able to provide a better level of service to its customers. In particular, it needed to improve service levels to one of its most prestigious clients, a high street bank, for which it was providing outsourced ICT services.

How we helped

We were asked to develop and set up an infrastructure for the widespread development of Six Sigma capability within the ICT provider, and a framework for support, coaching, review and certification of projects. As the area for improvement involved the bank's ICT system, bank personnel were also included in the improvement activity.
To achieve this, we worked with the ICT provider to decide upon the approach, customise the training material and develop a framework for communication, project selection, project reviews, trainee coaching and certification of completed projects. 

We implemented the knowledge transfer to those practitioners within the ICT provider and bank who would become the internal improvement agents running improvement projects. In addition, senior management were given an overview of the methodologies involved and the framework established so they could provide the necessary support for the initiative. Furthermore, employees who would be working on the improvement projects as team members were given workshops in the improvement tools to be used.
Using this approach, the capability for improvement was successfully developed within the UK operations and with our support many key issues were solved. With UK operations running much more smoothly, we were asked to replicate its success in the ICT provider's offshore contact centre which had suffered a severe drop in service capability and an increase in customer complaints.
Under our leadership the same infrastructure used in the UK to develop Six Sigma capability was set up rapidly in the offshore operation and improvements realised. 
As well as developing capability within the client - and thereby enabling them to solve their own problems - our consultants also worked directly on a number of improvement projects to solve particularly critical business issues.

Benefits achieved

The ICT provider's UK and offshore operations were vastly improved.
The bank they provided services for benefited from a considerable increase in improvement knowledge in its key staff, and a much more efficient ICT system, as well as greatly enhanced service levels from its provider.
Benefits for the ICT provider which resulted in a 43 fold return on investment included:

• Streamlined and improved internal processes 
• Widespread knowledge transfer of effective improvement techniques 
• Abatement of service credits (penalties applied if agreed service levels are not met)
• Greatly increased customer satisfaction and perception
• Ticket resolution time greatly reduced
• An internal framework established to prioritise and resolve business problems
• Overtime costs reduced and profitability increased with more efficient processes

Many projects were completed on topics including:

• Reduced cycle time to create user accounts
• Reduced cycle time to process IT service requests
• Reduced discrepancy between actual servers used and number billed 
• Reduced percentage of patches not installed
• Reduced number of unnecessarily escalated service alerts
• Reduced analyst recruitment cycle time
• Optimised call answering performance whilst maintaining high agent utilisation


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