A company providing print management solutions wanted to enhance the business improvement skills of selected employees

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The company

We worked with a company providing print management solutions, procurement, e-commerce and workflow software to streamline the print production and fulfilment process.

Their needs

The directors’ requirement was to develop key staff from six sites around the United Kingdom to Green Belt certified level of Lean Six Sigma competence who did not have any previous experience whatsoever of advanced improvement techniques.

How we helped

We developed a tailored six sigma training and coaching process which was run on the six UK sites in several short span sessions of one day of training coupled with one day of coaching, segmented by green belt throughout the day for each consultant visit, recognising that staff could not be away from their operational duties for longer periods. Regular follow up support was also provided remotely through telephone and e-mail project reviews until all candidates were certified on completion of improvement projects.  


Projects included:

  • Reduced the average cost of parcel deliveries without increasing parcel delivery non-conformities

  • Reduced the risk of producing ineffective print sales tenders

  • Developed a complaint and spoilage and rework tracking process

  • Reduced incidence of errors in outbound customer and supplier print management emails


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