Global leader in specialised markets wanted to implement an improvement strategy to target process improvement

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The business

We collaborated with this global leading provider of fluidic systems for specialised markets, specifically in their Health and Science Technologies division, where a number of their operational sites specialising in high-end laser optics were experiencing yield losses that were impacting operational performance.

Their needs

Our client wanted quickly to identify operational risks and implement prioritised improvement plans in order to improve yield losses across US sites in California and New Mexico and in UK operations. They wanted to develop expert skills within their operational staff in order to first identify and prioritise operational risks, and also to internalise the learning process.  

How we helped

We formed local teams of operational technicians and management representatives and coached them in the development of a prioritised operational risk assessment. Our client wanted to have the ability to develop and then use process failure modes and effects analyses (PFMEAs) as their preferred mechanism for this purpose, and we brought our extensive automotive experience to bear on this requirement to deliver a number of comprehensive process risk and control assessments.

These assessments identified a prioritised action plan of improvement which was then deployed over 180 day periods using a series of Rapid Improvement Events (RIE’s)

Benefits achieved

Significant yield improvements were established over a relatively short time-frame across several sites delivering substantial cost-down  and yield benefits. More significantly, the improvements were deployed with a focus on the implementation of robust control mechanisms which allowed us to leave a long-term legacy of stable improvement.


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