Global wind energy provider wanted to maintain market share and reduce costs

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The Client

The client is one of the largest manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines in the world with manufacturing plants in several countries in Europe North America, Asia and Australasia. More than 17,000 people are employed globally.

Client Needs

One of the Denmark business units was under pressure to improve quality and efficiency in their operations. A requirement to upskill the operations staff in the tools of Lean and Six Sigma had been dictated by group operations. A certified GB was urgently required in the quality department.

Paloma solution 

Paloma provided a dedicated Lean Six Sigma MBB to work with the chosen GB candidate on a process where they were experiencing excessive costs. The paint department were consuming more paint than the amount required to produce the specified thickness on a 44m long turbine blade. The loss was estimated to be in excess of 3 Million Euro annually. The MBB taught the GB the tools and techniques of Six Sigma whilst demonstrating the use of DMAIC on a project to reduce the losses in the paint department. 

The measurement system was re-defined and new standard operating procedures were introduced. The robustness of the measurement system was proven using Design of Experiment techniques. The manual paint process was found to be the key input to variation in paint consumption. Standard methods for applying paint were agreed, documented and implemented. A new measurement system was installed to monitor and control paint consumption

Benefits achieved

Paint consumption was reduced by 14% saving 420 Euros pa. The business unit satisfied the corporate requirement to have a certified GB in their quality department.

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