International manufacturer of industrial motors wanted to obtain competitive advantage by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction

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The business

We worked with a major manufacturer of industrial electric motors with sites located in UK, France, Poland, India and China. Our client serviced customers ranging from food manufacturers to major oil & gas extractive industries.

Their needs

Our client wanted to deploy a rigorous continuous improvement programme incorporating both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in order to improve customer responsiveness, delivery performance and reduce product costs so as to increase competitiveness.

How we helped

Our client commenced by running a series of Champion awareness courses to all executive and senior managers. This created the consensus required for them to engage in a full-scale Lean as well as Six Sigma implementation programme across the industrial motor group. 

We delivered a number of waves of black belt training, coaching and certification to senior managers who were to become full time business improvement specialists across the numerous sites.

As soon as the first wave of black belts were certified, we provided further coaching and support to prepare the practitioners to deliver effective lean kaizen and Six Sigma green belt workshops. We continued to shadow workshop deployments until the business improvement management co-ordination team was ready to internalise the process.

Within one year, the entire improvement programme had been internalised with on-going Green and Yellow Belt training and Kaizen deployments delivered by the local Master Black Belt, Black belts and management support.

Benefits achieved

Numerous black and green belt projects were completed resulting in over £2.2 million savings. Projects included:

• Reducing paint defects
• Reducing copper scrap and losses
• Reducing the occurrence of credit note issues
• Reducing motor failures
• Reducing die-casting scrap
• Inventory reduction


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