Leading on-line and catalogue home shopping business wanted to transform the way the company interacts with its customers

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The company

Paloma Consulting worked with a leading internet and catalogue home shopping company with annual revenue of over $1 billion and 4,000 employees. Their range of catalogues serve over 2 million customers

Their needs

The client's CEO was keen to embark on a long term business improvement programme, designed to transform the way the company interacts with its customers, and its approach to tackling process improvement and performance. A decision was taken to start in the company's logistic operations.

How we helped

Our diagnostic report identified key processes which could benefit from project based improvement. It also identified likely future change agents in whom to invest. The group agreed to base its approach on Lean Six Sigma methodology, focusing on the customer, to generate cultural change throughout its logistics operations. 
We held senior management workshops, delivered Green and Black Belt training courses to key change agents, provided formal project mentoring & coaching, and certification of practitioners.

Benefits achieved

We delivered an 18 fold return on investment on subjects including:
• Reduce products with incorrect weights or dimensions
• Reduce the age of the oldest held order
• Reduce the cost of retail distribution
• Reduce the percentage of negative stock adjustments
• Reduce the number of support labour hours in goods inwards
• Reduce packing hall payroll cost per item


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