Global leader in life and materials sciences wanted a corporate internal improvement team to improve plant performance and efficiencies

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The business

We worked with a multi-billion pound global leader in life and materials sciences. Their products are used in a range of goods including nutrition, personal care, automotive, coatings, pharmaceuticals and electronics.  We worked at numerous sites in the composites, resins, fibres, nutritional products, plastics and chemicals divisions in Europe, USA, India and China.

Their needs

The client wanted to create a corporate group of internal improvement specialists who could be used worldwide to improve plant performance and efficiencies. They also wanted to create an ever-increasing cross-functional group of process engineers and other improvement specialists in each of their major plants able to use Lean and Six Sigma techniques to solve complex yield and throughput issues and in the supply chain.

How we helped

We initially piloted an approach in a single site and with a small group of internal consultants based at the company's HQ. The success of this work resulted in us working with both senior corporate management and local plant management to develop a worldwide approach for project and candidate selection, training, coaching and delivery of projects executed by their internal improvement specialists.
Paloma delivered training for many of the company's improvement specialists at Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels. These trainees were coached and supported by us and certification was provided once the required standard had been met. In addition, on several occasions we provided or consultants to act as project leaders to solve complex yield issues. 

Benefits achieved

In all the projects we were involved with, the throughput, yield and quality of products improved. This lead to an increasing number of requests for us to extend the work it did to other parts of the organisation worldwide.
230 completed projects delivered a 78-fold return on investment on areas including:

• Increased yields
• Increased capacity
• Reduce Inventory
• Reduced downtime
• Improved throughput
• Reduced energy consumption
• Improved payment processes

We also increased yield in one of the largest, best performing chemical plants by 14% and developed mathematical models for optimising yield which was acclaimed throughout the company. This approach was adopted internally as a benchmark approach for use in similar plants worldwide and we then coached internal plant experts in the effective use of these models.  The success of the improvement programme was publicised in the national press.


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