Swiss bank wanted to deploy advanced improvement techniques across its international operations

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The client

We worked in partnership with a consulting company at a major international Swiss bank which has Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking divisions. It was originally founded to fund the development of Switzerland's rail system and issued loans that helped create Switzerland's electrical grid and the European rail system. It also helped develop the country's currency system and funded entrepreneurship. Retail banking was later established to respond to the elevation of the middle-class and the growing popularity of savings accounts.

Their needs

The client requirement was to deliver a training programme to develop key staff in the Lean Six Sigma methodology who were then to be placed throughout the organisation globally to apply the advanced improvement techniques.

How we helped

We provided lean six sigma training and coaching at the operational excellence centre in Zurich, Switzerland and in centres in London and New York  


Numerous projects were completed, providing a significant return on investment including :

  • Reducing the loan and lease approval cycle times

  • Reducing DPMO in the external website

  • Improving the placement of Belts within the business

  • Reducing non value added steps in the authorisation process in the credit department

  • Reducing outflow of money following mortgage and bond maturities

  • Improving scanning of customer documents


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