Electronic filter manufacturer wanted to introduce operational excellence programme to maintain competitive edge

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The business

A UK based provider of advanced solutions used in the defence, aerospace, rail and telecommunications sectors.

Their needs

The client wanted to identify ways to reduce lead time responses while also reducing scrap and re-processing. They wanted to achieve this through a strategic review of a problematic product family which was generically aligned to many other products and processes. The client also wished to develop key staff in Operational Excellence disciplines in order to make sustainable step change improvements to their operations.

How we helped

We conducted a business review of a critically failing product family from the production of its sub components through to final assembly, incorporating classical Value Stream Mapping techniques. This analysis quickly exposed a number of concerns leading to excessive lead times and high scrap and re-processing contributing to customer dissatisfaction.

The business review quantified the costs of failure. Senior management were then able to acknowledge the extent of the problem, and subscribe to a strategically targeted solution.

Following our report, senior management embedded a structured improvement approach of ‘learn-by-doing’ for key staff who were trained to Lean Sigma Green and Black Belt practitioner levels. Each participant in the development programme contributed to the resolution of strategically aligned improvement projects.

On conclusion of our support, a number of certified Green Belt practitioners continued to pursue further improvement work led by full time Black Belt mentors. The organisation successfully enabled their core team of Black Belt managers to internalise all further development of 5S and Yellow Belt training for their operational staff.

Benefits achieved

Numerous projects were completed resulting in over £200,000 tangible savings within a few months. Projects included:

  • Increasing On-Time-In-Full delivery performance

  • Improving first time yield on assembly operations

  • Reducing scrap on critical furnace processes

  • Improving process throughput by reducing and controlling process variation

  • Reducing the need for duplicated goods-receiving inspections

  • Improving processes resulting in reduced inspection time


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