Dishwasher tablet manufacturer needed to reduce yield losses

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The facility

The facility's vision was to be the packing facility of choice and grow their business by adding extra manufacturing and packaging lines.

Their needs

Their owners wanted to reduce the quantity of defects being produced and the resulting rework being carried out at the facility to reduce costs considerably and to be able to attract the extra business required to fulfil their desire to grow the local facility in terms of output and provide for additional employment in the local area.

How we helped

Paloma Consulting worked with the senior management team analyzing the current situation through extensive data analysis and site visits. Plans were made to deliver a 3 day Rapid Improvement Event at the production facility to identify the root causes of the defective product and identify other opportunities for process improvements. This entailed detailed data and measurement systems analysis conducted via weekly webinar meetings and on site experimentation and data collection.

A team from the site was assembled including the head of production, technology and packaging line experts, members of the safety committee and production line operators. Basic problem solving and Waste reduction techniques were taught to the team before walking through the actual process where lessons learned were applied.


Six problem areas were identified and 31 opportunities for improvement exposed by the team.

They ranged from:-

Machine Breakdowns, machine re-starts, accuracy of dosing and manual pipeline selection to:-

Dropping pouches from an excessive height, sealing of bags sticking to machine and the transport belts damage the pouches 

Plans were made and rolled out over the coming weeks to make positive process changes. Defects and rework were reduced by over 50%.


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