Global leader in aluminium packaging wanted to improve quality in a high volume, fast moving market

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The company

The company is one of the leaders in metal packaging technology who provide products for many world-wide brand names. The £5.2 billion company has operational facilities in 41 countries and employs around 21,000 staff. 

Their needs

The company wanted to develop a continuous improvement infrastructure to raise technical capabilities to deal with increasing demands for high quality in a high volume, fast moving environment. As this was a FMCG environment, staff development needed to be conducted effectively whilst not adversely affecting throughput capabilities.

How we helped

Paloma Consulting trained and supported our client through a number of Lean Six Sigma projects. As they were unable to send all appointed staff at once they opted for attendance at our open courses. 
Staff were trained to an advanced Green Belt level so that they could address the high technical content of the business issues being faced.
Trainee support and project guidance was provided throughout the project lifecycle and certification granted once trainees had met all certification criteria.


Training projects delivered a 109 fold return on investment, on subjects including: 
• Reduce liner spoilage
• Reduce coating oven bearing failures
• Reduce can dome growth and dome reversal defects
• Reduce hydrofluoric acid safety hazard risks


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