Globally recognised brand wanted to improve yield and throughput in ultra-high volume household product manufacturing

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Paloma Consulting worked with a multi-billion pound world leader in household, health and personal care products.

Client needs

The client wanted to apply Six Sigma improvement techniques to improve manufacturing yield and throughput in highly profitable ultra-high volume household product processes. They already had an internal training and development process. They wanted to increase the number, geographic scope, and capability of their process improvement leaders to solve ever more complex issues by developing numerous Six Sigma Master Black Belts (process improvement experts) in their sites throughout Western and Eastern Europe

Paloma solution

Paloma provided guidance to the European Lean Six Sigma leaders in planning the approach and managing the knowledge transfer of Six Sigma methodology to the workforce. Paloma also developed further the leaders' own technical capabilities and, over a 4 year period, led several Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training courses for staff based in Poland, Russia, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom and Italy.  
Paloma introduced a standard project reporting and accreditation system since implementation approaches varied across sites. In addition to the Master Black Belt training provided Paloma also reviewed, coached and mentored trainees within the workforce through to certification to ensure the required standard was reached.

Benefits achieved

With a more capable process improvement infrastructure in place the client was able to achieve large improvements in yield and throughput of several well-known household products to the satisfaction of their senior VPs.
During training alone over 30 projects were completed providing a 44 fold return on investment, on subjects including:

• Reduced defects in laser cutting process
• Reduced waste in lozenge manufacturing
• Improved pill press Overall Equipment Effectiveness
• Reduced production line stoppages due to broken pills
• Reduced energy losses
• Reduced dishwasher tablets reject rate

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