Automotive supplier wanted an enhanced Continuous Improvement programme

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The company

We worked with a UK based company who develop and produce mechanical and electrical locking systems, tyre pressure monitoring systems and telematic systems for the automotive industry worldwide.

Their needs

The client requirement was to focus on helping the management team to support the existing improvement programme. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training programme was then to be delivered to selected candidates with each completing a supported project. Their 2 main goals were:-

  1. A rapid return on the training investment

  2. An extension of the continuous improvement process in order to withstand stiff competition from both the Far East and Eastern Europe.

How we helped

We designed and delivered a 2 day senior management workshop which included candidate and project selection along with Lean Six Sigma deployment preparations.  A training programme was agreed and delivered in 2 waves over an agreed 6 month time period. The projects were supported via on site visits, e-mail reviews and tele-conferences.


Numerous projects were completed promptly which both provided the “rapid return on the training investment” goal and improved the overall quality levels of their products and customer services. Projects included:-Improved clear coat application through Design of Experiments. Achieved a 6% improvement in painted assembly door handle gripper yield

• Improved clear coat application through Design of Experiments
• Achieved a 6% improvement in painted assembly door handle gripper yield
• Reduced the level of scrapped oversize gripper parts from 7% to 2% (i.e. by 71%)
• Improved the labelling accuracy of key customer’s product to reduce customer complaints and internal investigation and rework time
• Reduced paint run defects saving £40,000 annually

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