Major Automotive supplier needed to enhance continuous improvement in engineering support

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The company

We worked with a UK based key supplier of wood veneer, aluminium and chrome decorative trims to major UK Automotive OEM’s

Their needs

The client requirement was to deliver a training programme to develop key staff to Green and Black Belt certified level of Lean Sigma competence who did not have previous experience of advanced improvement techniques. The OEM’s set an expectation for a thorough learning programme.

Deliver training for 12 Green belts plus 2 for advanced training to Black belt level.

How we helped

We tailored training materials for both Lean Sigma Green and Black belt to suit the operational environment of the Client. Training was delivered on site in 3 sessions. Regular follow up support was provided both on site and remotely through e-mail review following Paloma’s standard procedures and documented processes. Formal certifications of completed projects were authenticated through Paloma’s demanding requirements, and also supported by British Quality Foundation approval.  


Numerous projects were completed promptly, providing a significant return on investment including :

  • Increasing yields on pressed components

  • Increase operational efficiencies on reverse coating processes

  • 60% improvement on CNC process efficiencies

  • Improved registration of coatings on high visibility centre console panels

  • Improved yield in Sheet Preparation & Clean Room processes


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