Large scale improvement transformation for a global brand motorcycle manufacturer

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The Business

We led a large scale improvement transformation for a global motorcycle manufacturer based in USA.

Their needs

The client wanted to grow value and strengthen the brand. To achieve this they set out to empower their employees to focus on minimizing waste and variation.

How we helped

We provided advice, workshops and guidance on all aspects of the improvement deployment -from candidate selection, certification and project review guidelines, project tracking and reporting processes through to mentoring project champions. Over a three year period we delivered training to selected employees in sites across USA, providing them with the guidance and support necessary to complete their projects. The majority of the training (15 waves of employees) was in Six Sigma methodology, although Lean training was also provided. In addition, a course was developed and delivered to enable selected internal experts to continue the improvement cycle after we left to enable the company to become self-sufficient. 

Benefits achieved

During our involvement 116 projects were completed delivering a 31 fold return on investment, on subjects including:

• Reducing fuel tank scrap
• Reducing crank case leakage
• Reduced yellowing of Ultra Violet clear coat paint
• Improving paint adhesion
• Reducing safety incidents
• Reducing supplier-related defects
• Reducing machine downtime

Today, several years later, the staff trained continue to teach and mentor increasing numbers of colleagues in waste and defect reduction techniques to deliver ever more project successes in manufacturing, assembly and transactional business processes.


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