Ship building and repair business needed to improve efficiency and enhance problem solving skills

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The company

The company is one of the largest shipyards in the Mediterranean, employing over 6,000 people and builds and repairs fast attack and patrol boats, frigates, gunboats and submarines.

Their needs

The company needed to improve workplace efficiencies and enhance their problem solving abilities to be able to keep up with ever increasing customer demands and market competition.

How we helped

Paloma Consulting worked with the executive management committee during a 2 day workshop to select specific projects for a selected group of over 20 management level employees who would receive a 10 day bespoke Lean Six Sigma training package. The training was delivered in 2 phases over a 3 month period with project support during and after the training period.

Benefits achieved

During our involvement numerous projects were completed on subjects including:

  • Maintenance equipment availability improvements
  • Reduced plan tariffs variation to within budget
  • Reduced off line testing and qualification for welders certification
  • Reduced number of “Urgent” service and material requests.
  • 40% reduction in job order delays


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