Military countermeasures provider desired improved product effectiveness and safety

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The company

Our client was a market leading manufacturing business supplying high technology electronics and energetic products to over 60 countries around the world producing countermeasures protecting aircraft, ships and land platforms against guided missile threats.The group’s strategy was to invest in research and development and manufacturing capability to enhance and protect its strong market presence and support that strategy with complementary acquisitions to increase the group’s product range, service and technical competence

Their needs

At a group level the company wanted toreceive recommendations for a group process improvement programme incorporating variation reduction, lean & world class safety.

How we helped

Paloma Consulting assisted both at a group and local selected site level where the needs could best be described as a request fora company process improvement strategy, with specific projects being done, external endorsement that they had found the right priorities and guidance on any missing initiatives.

We conducted reviews across sites and made recommendations about where local understanding and alignment with group strategy required improvement.

We also facilitated fault tree analysis discussions attended by several senior managers for selected failing products.  Our consultants explained the concepts of FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis), and scored the failure modes and effects analyses tables for different kinds of products.   Managers were then coached on issues including the significance of shipping product where variation was significant and where certain dimensions were outside the drawing specifications, related supplier quality issues, variation in metal tube lengths and diameters, controls over pressure of insertion, calibration and improvements to batch traceability. Additionally we made recommendations to reduce variation of gunpowder dispensing weight, order to ship cycle time reduction & yield improvement.


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