Advanced composites manufacturer needed to improve processes to meet growing aerospace and wind turbine market demand

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The business

We have worked for one of the world's leading advanced structural materials company, with sales of over £1 billion. Their products are used in most aircraft in the Western World as well as in the manufacture of automotive components, skis, golf and tennis equipment.

Their needs

We were asked to enable our client to improve their carbon fibre and advanced composites manufacturing processes to meet the demands of the growing aerospace and wind turbine markets. The client already had an established Six Sigma programme in USA and needed help to build on their success by expanding the number of internal practitioners (Black Belts) in Europe and creating a board of internal experts to drive through the deployment.

How we have helped

Since February 2005 we have led Lean Six Sigma training deployment across Europe and America. Lean Six Sigma practitioners have been trained, coached and certified after delivering projects which have reduced scrap, late deliveries and press costs and increased capacity. We have trained and mentored the internal deployment master board to select and drive projects aligned with the corporation's growth strategies. To date we have trained more than 300 Green Belt Practitioners, 50 Yellow Belt Practitioners and more than 50 practitioners in advanced statistical techniques.

Benefits achieved

Through the expansion of their Lean Six Sigma programme and empowering the internal master board, an ever increasing number of internal improvement practitioners have been developed with the skills to solve numerous business problems. 
For example, simply in the training projects mentored by us, a 9 fold return on investment has been achieved on subjects including:

• Reduced edge trimming scrap
• Increased creel capacity
 Reduced cost of press operations
• Reduced resin waste
• Reduced late deliveries


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