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How do you get Root Cause Analysis to work effectively? – Part 1: A bit of background

There are numerous logical techniques that have been developed over the years to help us identify the relationships between process and system failure and their root causes. These range from basic techniques to more complex analytical approaches. Continue reading

What makes the world’s #1 Customer Experience brands?

1-cx-brandsAs I quite literally travel the world talking, listening and working with individuals and organisations who have an interest in Customer Experience, I am regularly asked who the world’s ‘best’ Customer Experience brands are. ‘Who is good at CX?’ is a pretty typical question. It is a good question to ask and one that I can most certainly answer ‘in my opinion’. However, having been asked the question so many times, rather than me just citing my opinion, I thought I would go a significant step further and ask as many people as possible for their opinions. Continue reading

What impedes the success of innovation and supply chain improvement programme implementation?


Company culture can often have a silo mentality that can manifest itself in varying degrees of a “them and us” attitude.  These silos often occur, not only within the company, but with a company’s suppliers and customers.  These silos can lead to a failure to recognise the importance of value-stream execution, by not allowing for the realization that the silos have more in common, and need each other more, so they can achieve more across the whole value stream, than can be achieved within the various functional silos.  Continue reading

The cost of the ‘Big ego’

Last night was one of those rare occasions when I managed to switch off and try anaesthetise myself in front of the TV. In actual fact I was a reluctant audience as the programme I was subjected to was something my wife likes watching. You know, one of those ‘fly on the wall’ programmes about people who are having some sort of problems and some ‘expert’ who descends to help fix them (mercifully  it wasn’t yet another of those endless string of cooking programmes). On this occasion it was Alex Polizzi in the guise of “The Fixer”. I was quietly impressed with her approach on her venture to help a business owner put fresh life into a business that had all but consumed his own ‘raison d’être’. Continue reading

Sustaining change – people and solutions

Recent articles, have introduced the concept of a model to help drive sustained business change, with the foundations for change within organisations being people, processes and systems.  All 3 elements interact and overlap; therefore it is essential that balance is achieved in order for change to be sustainable and to really deliver the desired breakthrough in business performance. Continue reading

Sustaining change – Setting direction and creating alignment

In a recent article, I introduced the concept of a model to help drive sustained business change, with the foundations for change within organisations being people, processes and systems.  All 3 elements interact and overlap; therefore it is essential that balance is achieved in order for change to stick.  Development of the organisation’s ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills can vastly improve the likelihood of change that is tangible and sustained. Continue reading

Sustaining change?

Sustaining change within any business presents a challenge. Many organisations embark upon leadership development with the assumption that it will lead to permanent change, whilst others bring in “improvement consultants” to show them continuous improvement techniques and expect it to lead to permanent change. Yet such approaches often fail to deliver sustained change. Why is change not sustained? Continue reading

Don’t WASTE your 5S effort!

Set aside the administrative organisation, the management buy-in, the reporting and such like – how do we get people to see the practical effects of deploying 5S as a support mechanism for Lean activity? In this article I want to share with you what I believe is a key enabler that can assure 5S implementation becomes a successful long term practice in your organisation, working in harmony with the doctrines of the Lean organisation. Continue reading

5S – Why bother?

computers and tangled cables

The 5S methodology is nothing new in industry these days, but it’s surprising how often such a simple, yet potentially extremely effective methodology fails to deliver its expected results. Considering how long 5S has been with us you’d think that generally speaking we should have managed to get it right by now. I’d like to share some of my own experiences of 5S implementation with you – Why it fails to deliver, and what are the major factors that we must avoid so that we don’t fall into this trap. Continue reading

I don’t think Lean and Six Sigma applies to us


Many people are put off by the terms Lean and Six Sigma. They either think that it is too technical or that it can only be used in certain businesses. We find that a structured improvement culture can be applied in a wide variety of situations and can be very successful in some processes that might not seem to lend themselves to Lean and Six Sigma techniques. Continue reading